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Drone photo of a mining site featuring Tailings Management managed by GDMS Tailings Management Software

The GDMS team is on a mission to redefine integrity.

From brand reputation to asset management and safety, GDMS is the only complete tailings management software that puts operational and executive teams in control of an entire operation’s data management, design, reporting and compliance.

A complete tailings management system


GDMS is a 3D modelling technology and a SaaS offering of rec, an integrated tailings design and water security engineering house. Equipping operators and executives with up to the moment data for how best to achieve this goal, GDMS facilitates transparent engagement, disclosure and decision making from a mine’s conceptualisation to closure.


For auditing and certification purposes the GDMS operator dashboard simplifies conformity with the requirements of the ‘Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management’, providing an integrated knowledge base for the design, construction, operation and monitoring of TSFs.  

Ultimately a TSF design and management plan backed by GDMS offers complete transparency, from public disclosure accountability to a company’s capability to achieve zero harm to people and the environment.  


A complete tailings management system


Our software provides solutions for internal fact checking, modelling and design of TSF facilities. By optimising water use, we empower the mine operator with live reporting capabilities and validation of TSF models, which in turn supports achievement of KPIs.

GDMS equips operators with visual tools to educate senior management on technical models that are physically tied to the water balance. It provides a holistic understanding of storm water risks, water seepage rates and provides a centralised database in which to store and access information.


GDMS helps executives and boards visualise technical data to respond to risk triggers and make informed decisions. Its applications include:
Ensure conformity to new global protocols and reporting against standards on time.
Approve insurance declarations with confidence.
Provide transparent, visual metrics that all stakeholders can relate to and visualise.
Uphold the reputation of your operation.

Revolutionise Your TSF Management with GDMS.

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