TSF Monitoring

Real-Time Water Balancing Facilitated by Live Tailings Monitoring

Drone photo of a mining site featuring safe tailings storage facility.

Live Tailings Monitoring for Optimised, Safe Operations

GDMS enhances optioneering capabilities for civil design and monitoring systems over the life of mine. Live tailings monitoring within your TSF allows for real-time water balancing, monitoring system inflows and outflows and considering variables. The GDMS platform provides live updates on groundwater levels, environmental indicators and integrates climate metrics to inform decisive action.

Our autonomous loggers and instruments are maintenance free and satellite connected, supporting the continuous integrity of your operations and water management infrastructure.

Human Error in Mining Decisions – no longer a factor

In person monitoring can result in decisions based on experiences and biases and introduces an element of error that can be expected when dealing with personnel. Issues can also arise with the delay in transfer of information that is introduced with travel times, leave schedules, and unexpected interruptions to scheduling.

Our tailings facility software and water management platform delivers real time data in a single interface, empowering multi-faceted decisions to be executed with confidence. Through live monitoring of TSF behavior and the advantage of its integration with other external metrics not limited to climate data and ore recoveries, GDMS enable continuous operations and management of risk indicators. Proactive trigger monitoring and real-time notifications support instant reaction to any breach, issue, or change, without needing to be physically present in active operational areas. 


Real Time Data Return

Our software continuously reports on the parameters and components of your TSF, providing real time reporting on the status of your TSF.

Maintenance Free Hardware

Our hardware is maintenance free. Solar powered, with long battery life and high-quality components, you can expect continuous monitoring.

Autonomous Loggers

Our autonomous loggers are installed by our experts to ensure optimal retrieval of relevant data. GDMS removes decisions based on experiences and biases, eliminating the need for in-person TSF reporting.

Continuous Process

Autonomous system health checks facilitate continuity of project operation, monitoring hardware performance and limitations in real time.


Our team works alongside your project to seamlessly integrate the GDMS software into your operation, providing training and support.

Technical Review

Our engineers assess your TSF and larger operation against GISTM guidelines to determine the positioning and parameters for installation of the hardware and integration of software.  

Installation Services

Installation is performed at key points with integration of the software throughout the operation. We can integrate existing telemetry structures and offer tailored reporting solutions.

Onboarding and Support

The GDMS subscription includes training and technical support to onboard multi-level users and can integrate into executive and board operations with the provision of automated reporting templates that comply with the protocols of the GISTM.


The GDMS software allows the EOR to rely on the quality of the data that is logged by our autonomous instruments. The consistent availability of data ensures that operations are not dependant on knowledge sharing, while the knowledge base remains secure and continuous. This further facilitates compliance with the GISTM.

Storage of tailings takes place in a tailings facility, an impoundment that has been specifically designed for this purpose. Tailings management is the active process of monitoring tailings deposition and water abstraction to meet design criteria and comply with regulatory guidelines. The immersive GDMS software is a TSF management solution, facilitating transparent engagement, disclosure and decision making from a mine’s conceptualisation to closure.  

GDMS leverages both LoRa and satellite radio technologies. LoRa – a long range radio communication protocol transmits data back to a gateway that interacts with our geoscience data management system, connecting battery operated loggers and devices to cellular networks or site-based internet. In regions where cellular services are weak or expensive to reach, satellite backhaul technology is engaged to offer uninterrupted data services. This provides for a secure service that does not rely on cellular networks, and does not present any potential single point of failure.

Waste by-products from resource mining and extraction are known as tailings. They are made up of water, leftover extraction chemicals, and rock fragments.

A ‘TSF’ is a Tailings Storage Facility.

Revolutionise Your TSF Management with GDMS.

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