Governance and Standards

Ensure GISTM compliance and facilitate project continuity

safe tailings storage facility managers having a meeting

Governance and Regulatory Compliance

The GDMS operator dashboard facilitates compliance with the requirements of the Global Industry Standard (GISTM) on Tailings Management for auditing and certification purposes. To ensure project continuity our comprehensive tailings management system enables thorough compliance with statutory tailings conformance protocols. The execution of complex tailings deposition, hydrological, hydrogeological and dam break analyses is made possible by the interpretive modelling capabilities of the GDMS platform. The design specifications and tolerances of a TSF’s construction can be verified using the GDMS technology. GDMS puts mine operators in control of a TSF’s performance to ensure that it operates within acceptable limits. To help with decision-makers, we offer live tailings management reporting and analysis capabilities. The design, construction, operation, and decommissioning of TSFs are all accompanied by risks and environmental requirements, which form the basis of the GDMS platform.

Compliance in Mining

TSF compliance management covers the entire tailings facility lifecycle, from site selection, design and construction through management and monitoring to closure and post-closure. The primary reference for TSF compliance is the GISTM (Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management), comprising six topic areas, 15 principles and 77 auditable requirements. These provide a framework for safe tailings facility management.  GDMS enables comprehensive compliance with statutory tailings conformance protocols to ensure project continuity.

The GDMS platform is founded on a deep technical understanding of the hazards and environmental requirements associated with the design, construction, operation and decommissioning of TSFs.


GISTM Compliance

For auditing and certification purposes the GDMS operator dashboard facilitates conformity with the requirements of the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management (GISTM). 

Auditing Capabilities

Our immersive platform supports the auditing process, validating the safety and economical storage of tailings to minimise environmental impacts.  

Reliable Accessibility

Comprehensive data relating to the design, construction and quality assurance is held within a virtual environment, simplifying adjustments to the site characterization.

Operational Assistance

GDMS technology can validate a TSF’s construction meets design specifications and tolerances, providing ongoing operational support.


Simplifying the Board’s role in GISTM tailings management. The GDMS platform facilitates conformity to new global protocols and supports reporting against standards on time. 

Streamline Process

The GDMS platform assists leadership teams and governance committees to identify and monitor all material risks associated with tailings management arising from company activities.

Validation of the GISTM Principles

A company empowered by GDMS is validating its commitment to design, construct, operate and close a TSF to the guidelines of the GISTM.

Process Review

GDMS can assist in review of processes in place designed to facilitate compliance with TSF related legal and regulatory requirements. 


GDMS helps executives and board visualise technical data to respond to risk triggers and make informed decisions. 

GDMS enables the creation of unrivalled 3D visualisations of data for knowledge sharing, transparency, and investor communications.  

Compliance to the GISTM involves meeting the 77 auditable requirements within the management of your TSF. 

The Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management (GISTM) is a goal setting exercise which seeks to achieve zero harm to people and the environment. It requires companies (operators) to take responsibility by prioritising safety of their tailings facilities through all phases of the mine lifecycle.

The purpose of Tailings Governance is to facilitate elements of management and governance necessary to prevent failures of tailings storage facilities (TSFs).

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