Tailings Technology that Empowers the Operator

GDMS technology supports an integrated approach to mine planning, offering a dynamic cloud-based environment on which a tailings management system can be implemented. With the lifecycle of a tailings facility potentially lasting decades, GDMS supports decisions in the short, medium and long term with its predictive modelling capability.

The applications of the GDMS platform span sitewide water management, monitoring of your TSF and critical water management infrastructure, as well as providing management and guidance relating to your TSF. Support covers the full cycle of your TSF, from design optimisation through to data management and comprehensive support in adherence to governance and regulation. Our software subscriptions are supported by a team of localised engineers, hydrogeologists and hydrologists who offer active involvement in your project design and ongoing operation as required. In this way, our web-based platform offers holistic water management through immersive software combined with industry leading expertise.


Complete Water Management

GDMS’ advanced water modelling software capabilities validate a mine’s entire water usage on a sitewide scale. With specialist toolkits for tailings water, surface water and ground water management, users can streamline project economics by optimising water in design. Software capabilities allow users to model dam breaks, enabling risk management and mitigation. 

Visualise your project’s water use in a single, centralised platform as it moves through the mining process, reporting on requirements, balances, inputs, and outputs.

The software models the rate and extent of tailings deposition into the facility. It considers the different uses for water in the lifecycle, as it relates to risk, processing, environmental responsibilities, and sitewide operations. It further provides insight into slurry water movement, reporting on sinks and water balances.

TSF Monitoring

GDMS enhances optioneering capabilities for civil design and monitoring systems over the life of mine. Live tailings monitoring within your TSF allows for real-time water balancing, monitoring system inflows and outflows and considering variables. The GDMS platform provides live updates on groundwater levels, environmental indicators and integrates climate metrics to inform decisive action.

Our autonomous loggers and instruments are maintenance free and satellite connected, supporting the continuous integrity of your operations and water management infrastructure.

TSF Management and Guidance

Our tailings dam management software enables real-time monitoring of TSF behaviour and metrics to facilitate continuous operation and manage risk indicators. Removing opportunity for personal biases, mine data is overlaid with 3D visualisation in a cloud-hosted platform to empower rapid decision making on multiple levels.

Through proactive trigger monitoring and notification, GDMS technology places operators in control of any breach, issue or change impacting the TSF, allowing for rapid implementation of preventative solutions.

TSF Design Optimisation

Built to optimise capital expenditure, GDMS technology is founded on a deep understanding of the hazards and environmental requirements associated with the design, construction, operation and decommissioning of a tailings storage facility (TSF). Predictive modelling allows for visualisation of potential dam breaks, enabling risk mitigation and management.  

Supporting an integrated approach to mine planning, our dynamic web-based environment hosts a tailings management and field characterization system that can be manipulated within a virtual environment, simplifying adjustments to the site model as new information is obtained. Deposition rates can be modelled in the software, enabling the visualisation of the rate and extent of deposition into the facility.  

Geoscience Data Management

Our dynamic web hosted environment, managed by mining engineers and geoscientists, creates a centralised and holistic knowledge base for any mine metric, including environmental and climate data. 

Live data capture and 3D interaction is made possible by autonomous loggers on site, and the GDMS software capability can continuously model any type of TSF configuration. Geoscience Data Management facilitates TSF modelling that can be applied to the continuous data stream for use in applications and processes throughout the project. 

Governance and Standards

The GDMS operator dashboard facilitates compliance with the requirements of the GISTM. To ensure project continuity our comprehensive tailings management system enables thorough compliance with statutory tailings conformance protocols. 

GDMS puts mine operators in control of a TSF’s performance to ensure that it operates within acceptable limits. To help with decision-makers, we offer live tailings management reporting and analysis capabilities. The design, construction, operation, and decommissioning of TSFs are all accompanied by risks and environmental requirements, which form the basis of the GDMS platform. 

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