Achieving ESG Goals with Tailings Management Software

In recent years, there has been increased pressure for mining companies to achieve social and environmental standards or face harsh penalties or even a ban on operating in certain countries. ESG goals are the ways companies can demonstrate their commitment to long term sustainability and profitability using sustainable materials and processes as well as environmental stewardship. ESG Goals are often set by governments or regulatory bodies, but they can also be internal goals within organisations, with goals such as reducing water use or waste generation. GDMS Software helps mining companies gain visibility into their operations with data analytics that enables them to make better decisions about how they manage tailings dams, which reduces costs while improving ESG outcomes over time.

What is ESG?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. It is a subset of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that focuses on identifying and mitigating risks in the environment, society, and governance as they relate to business operations.

The idea behind ESG is that companies should consider environmental, social and governance factors when making business decisions; this would help them achieve greater long-term value creation than just focusing on profits alone. In other words: it’s about balancing the needs of different stakeholders—including employees, shareholders, customers/clients, suppliers and communities where the company operates—and considering how their actions affect each group.

Tailings Dams Water Use

Mining operations use a significant amount of water, and the majority of this is utilised in processing of ore. This water is then discharged into tailings dams, which are designed to hold wastewater and other materials that can’t be recycled back into the process plant.

As a result, mining operations use a vast amount of water. In Australia, for example, it’s estimated that the mining industry uses more than 850 billion litres of water each year. This equates to about 20% of all water used in the country. In an environment of growing water scarcity, it is important that mining operations minimise any water waste and streamline their use of water as a resource.

Tailings Management Software

Our Tailings Management Software assists mines in achieving their ESG goals by providing real time data and analytics to operations. It is a web-based platform that allows mines to track, manage and report on the use of tailings and other waste materials. It also provides detailed analysis of how much water is being used at each stage of the process, allowing mines to reduce their environmental impact. The software is designed to be scalable and can be deployed at any mine of any size. It allows mines to track the flow of water through their operations, highlighting areas that are using too much water or producing more waste than necessary. This enables mines to quickly identify and rectify inefficiencies in their processes, reducing costs and helping them reach their ESG goals.



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